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Reputation, Batman, PG-13, 1/1
Title: Reputation
Fandom: Batman/DC
Canon basis: Uh, comicsverse with DCAU!Bruce? Or maybe DCAU with Cass? This multiple choice canon is still pretty new for me...
Disclaimer: Fandom and characters do not belong to me. I don't make money off this.
Genre: General
Warnings: Swear words. British spelling.
Rating: PG-13
Personal: Bruce, mentions of others
Pairings: Zip, nada, zero.
Prompt/Inspiration: Don't know, I was in the bathroom and suddenly it dropped in.
Beta: None/position still open....? *wink wink nudge nudge*
Word Count: 1411
A/N: Soooo.... Before you read: I haven't done any serious writing in half a decade. This is my first English fic because English is not my first language. My first LJ fic. It is unbetaed. Means there could be a huge number of problems with this... So, reading and concrit would be very very very much appreciated^^ Also, *delurk* :)

Bruce would like to think he has full control of his reputation. The truth is he has fewer than most people. Three examples.Collapse )